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Take Events to the Next Level with Raha Hostess Service

Elevate event catering when you hire event staff with Raha Hostess service. 

Raha provides top-notch hospitality staffing services  to ensure your event is a success. With our highly-trained and reliable hospitality staff, we guarantee high-quality catering by professionals.


Take Advantage of Raha’s Event Catering Service Benefits

In addition to providing highly trained, certified helpers, here is the difference you receive by choosing Raha’s event staffing service. You’ll enjoy the best of both worlds: flexibility and reliability. We’ll work within your budget and timeframe to provide the staff you want when you want it.

Service Benefits & Advantages

  • Seamless hiring through a few clicks on the Raha app.
  • Flexible number of event staff at minimum 2 and a maximum of 12.
  • Availability of event staff supervisor by request to manage the crew and take care of small details
  • You can schedule staff timing as convenient from 8:00 to 12:00 am.

Highly Trained

Professional hospitality staff

Flexible Scheduling

Convenient hours


Affordable packages

Ease of booking

Through one simple app

If you’re hosting a special event, our catering staff is always prepared to serve your guests and handle your event. We provide catering services by hourly workers and hospitality professionals to take hosting your event up a notch. Discover our packages and enjoy flexible staff numbers at flexible hours.

  • Provide professional catering services as per the contracted hours
  • Ensure all catering duties and event services are handled; however, cooking and child care are excluded
  • Respect the Islamic religion and the Saudi traditions and culture as well as the privacy of the household

Yes. Discover our flexible packages by Raha. We offer you various packages for different nationalities from Filipinos, Ugandans, Ethiopians and Indonesians to choose from based on preference. Download the Raha app now and upgrade your event hosting with hourly hospitality event staff at Raha.