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3 Surprises Raha Unleashes at HRALS – December 2023

It’s about to begin, season 5 of the Human Resources And Labor Services Expo 2023. We invite our beloved customers to visit Raha Pavilion number 2 at the Riyadh International Convention and Exhibition Center, starting December 24 and for four days. 

Raha prepared many surprises, offers, and discounts that will be available all forum days. Visit Raha Pavilion and discover the unprecedented offers Raha brought you for celebrating this great event.

What is the Human Resources And Labor Expo 2023?

HRALS -Expo is the first HR conference in Saudi Arabia that brings together reliable and accredited HR recruiting companies with the public.

Raha surprises at the Human Resources And Labor Expo 2023

In the fifth season of this remarkable event, Raha is bringing new surprises; among them three pleasants that stand out:

1- The first surprise is Raha’s presence as a Platinum Sponsor

Raha isn’t only present as one of the best Saudi recruitment agencies for domestic workers, but more importantly, Raha is present as a Platinum Sponsor for this recruitment exhibition. Raha will also have a word to speak as the -first to be licensed-  employment agency in the Kingdom, and the first labor recruiter that offers instant domestic worker services through a mobile phone app.

Side by side, Raha will be present in its own booth, ready to welcome our beloved clients and give them exclusive offers and discounts on the services they’re interested in.

2- Second, launching a new mediation service: Istiqdam

Because Raha cares for your convenience, we introduce to you a new service: Istiqdam, which allows customers to bring in a specific worker, to complete the required procedures on their behalf, until the worker is delivered to the client’s home. 

We’ve noticed that some of our clients may prefer a specific domestic worker, and then get confused by the required procedures, so, we’ve decided to launch our new mediation service and complete all requirements.

What are the conditions for the new mediation service from Raha?

  • Prices do not include value-added tax.
  • A valid recruitment visa is available on the client’s side.
  • The contract must be canceled if there is an active recruitment request with another company.
  • The client can request the mediation service by filling out the electronic form or by visiting one of Raha’s branches.
  • We receive the client’s requirements and inform him of the available workers’ CVs.
  • A contract will be created on Musaned, and after paying the required amount, the customer will be provided with all the documents and information until he receives the worker according to the regulations.
  • Raha ensures that the worker has all the health doses required to ensure her entry into the Kingdom.

3- Lastly, Raha will provide the participants with valuable gifts and competitions during HR Expo 2023

Raha prepared valuable gifts for its visitors, including free cleaning visits, discounts on the services of the hourly domestic worker and the resident services, and a special discount of up to 1,000 riyals on the new mediation service, only for a limited time and a limited number of customers.

Get away from your phone app routine and stop by the Raha team at the HRALS Expo. We’re waiting for you at Raha Pavilion number 2, where we’ll be happy to host you, answer your questions, and provide you with the generous discounts and surprises we’ve prepared for you.

Schedule your visit to the Human Resources Forum and Exhibition 2023, from December 24 to 27, at the Riyadh International. Raha team will be in Pavilion Number 2 at the Convention Center. Be on time.

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