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6 Tips for Planning Home Party and Picking the Right Hostess

The next big event will be at your house. Let’s give you a hand with 6 tips to get you ready and leave your guests with special memories.

1- Prepare snacks and beverages and keep them close to your guests. In Arab countries, a party means food, drinks, an extra welcome, and maximum generosity. Make sure to prepare drinks and snacks close to your guests so that everyone can see them, and try to make more than one snack table around the house so that everyone can reach them.

Don’t forget to make them in a variety of tastes, so there are soft drinks, cold and hot drinks, caffeine and decaf drinks, fresh juice, and diet-friendly drinks. Prepare a variety of snacks as well, like salty and sweet snacks, baked and roasted snacks, delicious potato chips, and other popular snacks. Bring cheer to your party.

2- Create a welcoming party atmosphere.

  • Make sure the air conditions are working fine before your guests come, as well as the filters.
  • Make your home perfumed, especially where guests shall be; choose light and allergy-friendly scents to avoid ending the party with some guests in a coughing coma.
  • Keep the lighting moderate—neither too loud nor too dim.
  • Be sure guests find their favorite dishes served and that there’s enough for everyone. Also, give everyone enough time to finish their meals.
  • A simple gift box for each guest can make a great difference and leave a special memory with them. This is extra, so keep it within your budget.

3- A clean and tidy house is harder to ruin.

Keep your house clean and in order, so it will be harder for your guests to mess with it. Here are some spots to make ready for your guests:

  • Make sure the place where your guests will have their meals is ready and spacious enough to accommodate them all.
  • Guest bathrooms for washing hands after and before eating, and add some wipes close to them.
  • Where the guests shall pray and perform ablution, add more hand towels and praying rugs.
  • For women’s parties, make sure to prepare spots where they get enough privacy to put on their clothes and their makeup, and of course, enough mirrors.
  • Make sure that the bathrooms are prepared to receive guests, with more towels and tissues and enough soap.
  • Take breakable objects out of your guest’s way, especially in narrow spots and corridors.
  • Make sure that guests’ seating areas are comfy; add as many chair styles as you have—straight-back ones and lazy ones—and add more cushions.

4- Some things you shouldn’t let ruin your party.

Spilled drinks, food pieces everywhere, or something accidentally broken—this is absolutely common. Don’t embarrass anyone; let the hospitality helpers take charge of cleaning the place, and if it’s too messy, let your guests give you a hand in cleaning. Continue to have a good time, laugh it up, and turn incidents into stories to tell.

5- Prepare some party games for your guests to participate in. Awkward situations happen; they’re also common in parties; don’t let that disturb everyone’s peace. Prepare some party games for the guests to participate in and feel harmony with each other, and make the party atmosphere joyful and interactive.

6- Picking the right caterers makes easier hospitality management.

  • Large parties require experienced caterers and hosts. If the party is small, less than 10 people, there is nothing wrong with a beginner-level worker for catering and hosting, but if the party is for more than 10 people, it’s recommended to have trained event hospitality workers and experienced hospitality management, just as the Raha application provides.
  • It’s recommended to assign one host for every 10 guests.
  • If you expect more than 30 guests, it’s better to assign a host for the guests’ children.
  • Keep it clean. Since the majority of event hospitality workers in the KSA are from different cultures and countries, some workers may not take into account Muslim standards for the word clean. This includes the personal hygiene of the workers or the way they cater and serve meals.

    Correspondingly, Raha trains hospitality workers, caterers, and hosts on the standards that meet Saudi society, the etiquette, and the decency level observed in the Kingdom. On the Raha app, you’ll find trained event hospitality management staff dedicated to making your guests feel welcome.
  • If you use the Raha app, you can also request a morning shift cleaning worker for the next day and pick one of the hourly worker packages, to handle reorganizing your house and cleaning.

Raha provides you with the event hospitality staff

Raha trains hostesses to be good in reception, organizing, and welcoming.

  • With Raha’s Hostess Service, enjoy seamless hiring of your hospitality staff.
  • Choose the number of your hospitality team members, caterers, and hosts you wish for, between 2 and 12, and cover any size of event you have.
  • Event supervisors are also available to manage the crew and take care of small details.
  • You can schedule your hospitality staff on Raha between 8:00 and 12:00 am.

Download the Raha app and hire a professional hospitality staff for your next big event.

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