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Financial Capability, Costs, and Terms of Hiring a Housemaid

The housemaid is a pivotal part of the Saudi family culture, and in order for the Saudi family to get the most out of employing expatriates, and avoid legal violations, they must know the requirements for recruiting housemaids, the conditions necessary to obtain an entry visa, the costs and necessary documents, and the employer’s obligations towards his housemaids before starting the recruitment process.

What are the required documents for hiring a housemaid?

  • A copy of the applicant’s national ID.
  • A copy of the passport
  • A copy of the contract signed with the housemaid.
  • Description of the position of the applicant and the salary.
  • Description of the home and the number of family members living in it.
  • Pay the prescribed fees.

What are the costs of a housemaid’s admission?

The admission of a housemaid costs a large sum of money, including entry visa costs, government fees, the fees paid for the housemaid agency, the costs of the worker’s tickets, coming, and going, and the annual vacation tickets to and from home country, health insurance, accommodation and living space, and a basic salary. The cost of the visa alone is estimated at 2,000 Saudi riyals.

As for costs, in September 2022, the Ministry obligated all registered companies and offices to commit to a maximum admission fee for some nationalities, bringing the maximum admission fee for a housemaid from Uganda to 9,500 Saudi riyals only, 10,000 from Thailand, 10,870 from Kenya, 13,000 from Bangladesh, 17,288 from the Philippines, and 15,000 from Sri Lanka. Added value tax is not included. 

What is the minimum financial capacity required for hiring a housemaid?

for a Saudi citizen and who’s alike, and for a resident and who’s alike

The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development requires a minimum financial capacity for citizens and residents who need to hire a housemaid. Plus the capability of providing the housemaid with housing, daily meals, medical insurance, and social care.

What is the minimum financial capacity for a Saudi citizen and what’s it like to hire a housemaid?

VisaMinimum SalaryBank Document Balance
FirstDefine the salary only40,000

If more than four visas are requested, they will be offered for the approval of the Ministry’s Individual Recruitment Committee. The required bank balance will also be increased by 500,000 Saudi riyals for each additional visa after exceeding 30 visas. The required financial capacity list on Musaned includes up to 30 visas. Here

What is the minimum financial capacity for a resident, and who’s alike in order to hire a housemaid?

VisaMinimum Salary (Employee)Bank Document Balance

Yet, when it comes to the housemaid’s salary, it is set upon the agreement between the housemaid agency and the worker. “Musaned” also revealed the minimum salary for the profession of Thai housemaid is $500 (1,875 riyals), and the employer can increase the amount according to the agreement.

What are the conditions for recruiting a housemaid?

General Terms

  1. Financial guarantee: The employer must provide a financial guarantee to hire a housemaid. Which is determined based on national laws.
  2. Accommodation: The employer must provide proper and safe housing for the housemaid.
  3. Medical care: The necessary medical care must be provided to the housemaid when needed.
  4. Contract: The employer must sign a contract with the housemaid that specifies the rights and duties of both parties.
  5. Obtaining a legal permit: The employer must obtain a legal permit from the local government to hire a housemaid.
  6. Age: The housemaid must be an adult, aged between 18 and 60 years old.
  7. Medical condition: The housemaid must be healthy and free from infectious diseases. There are also some required medical checks on the housemaid before entering the country.
  8. Experience: The housemaid should have previous experience in that field, yet this is not an obligation.
  9. Language: The housemaid must speak in a language that her employer understands.

Terms of housemaid admission, for the elderly in particular:

The Saudi government is working to facilitate official transactions for the elderly; therefore, Imtiaz, which is a digital card for the elderly, was issued to make it easier for its holder to obtain priority in obtaining services and earn a discount on public services provided by government, civil, and private agencies. This card may facilitate many steps and procedures for the elderly in the recruitment process. For the elderly, the terms for the admission of a housemaid are as below:

  1. Experience: The housemaid must have experience in providing care for the elderly.
  2. Patience: The housemaid must be patient and have a good understanding of the elderly’s needs.
  3. Health care: The housemaid must be able to provide the necessary health care for the elderly, and have sufficient knowledge in dealing with health problems the elderly may face.
  4. Good communication: The housemaid must communicate well with elderly people who may have hearing or sight difficulties.
  5. Hygiene: Being able to take care of the home cleaning, and maintain a healthy environment for the elderly.

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What are the steps for obtaining a housemaid visa?

  • Log in to your account on Musaned, using your residence number or ID.
  • Click the “Visas” icon.
  • All types of available visas will appear for you, choose the “regular visa” and click the “New Application” icon.
  • You’ll be transferred to a page asking you to confirm that the information you have entered is correct and to agree to the terms and conditions, and the fees. Agree and proceed.
  • Provide proof of no less than 7,000 SR monthly salary, then pay the visa fee through your bank account, which is approximately 2,000 Saudi riyals.
  • Set the employment status of the service user, then click on the “Get Started” icon, and enter the complete visa information, including the profession of the worker, nationality, and destination.
  • Attach the file proving your financial ability, then click “Issue Invoice”.
  • A page will be displayed with the visa number, and this number should be confirmed once the fees are paid through an ATM.

On the other hand, you can just rely on Raha to provide you with housemaids with much easier procedures. Just download the app, and choose which suits you, flexible or permanent packages, pay through multiple options and the worker shall reach your door within a few days. Choose your convenience, and download the Raha app now. Here.

Which nationalities are eligible to serve as housemaids in the Kingdom?

The number of nationalities allowed for recruitment reached 19, namely the Philippines, Indonesia, Niger, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Mauritania, Uganda, Eritrea, Madagascar, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Cambodia, Burundi, Mali, and Kenya. Philippine nationality ranks first in the demand of Saudi families, and the door was recently reopened to bring in housemaids from Ethiopia.

Terms of Housemaid Admission from the Philippine 

  1. Language: The Filipino housemaid must speak English well.
  2. Experience: It is preferable to have previous experience as a housemaid.
  3. Health: The Filipino housemaid must be free from contagious diseases.
  4. Financial Guarantee: The employer must provide proof of financial capability.

Terms of housemaid admission, for women in particular, citizens or residents:

  1. The housemaid must be a Muslim who speaks Arabic or English.
  2. She must be no less than 25 years old and no more than 50 years old.
  3. She must not have any health problems.
  4. She shouldn’t have any legal problems.
  5. There should be no issues with her criminal record.

What is the maximum number of housemaid visas?

The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development stipulated a limit for visas for male and female housemaids to Saudi Arabia:

The maximum limit for male housemaid visas for Saudi citizens:

The maximum limit for male housemaid visas for a married Saudi male citizen is 3 visas, including one “housemaid” in addition to the professions allowed to be recruited; a housemaid, a private driver, a nanny, a cook, a waiter, or a nurse, male or female, with an approved medical report and financial capability.

  • The maximum limit of male housemaid visas for married women:

For a Saudi female citizen, the maximum limit for male housemaid visas is one, including one “housemaid” It’s also a must for this Saudi female citizen to be an employee, or have a commercial register for an existing establishment, and meet the financial capability condition.

  • Maximum limit of male housemaid visas for unmarried women:

A divorced woman, widow, or suspended woman, or whose husband is absent and she has proof of it. The maximum number of visas for male housemaids is 2, including one “housemaid” and the professions allowed to be recruited are housemaid, private driver, nanny, cook, male or female, meal-serving worker, and male or female nurse. It’s a must to attach an approved medical report, meet the financial capability required, and submit proof of the marital state from an approved body.

What is the employer’s obligation towards the housemaid?

1- The housemaid should not be assigned to work other than the agreed upon, except in cases of necessity, and the work he is assigned to shouldn’t differ from his original work.

2- Housemaids must not be placed in any danger that threatens their health or well-being or violates their dignity as humans.

3- The housemaid’s salary must be paid at the end of each Hijri month.

4- The salary must be paid in cash or check, and be documented unless the housemaid wishes to transfer it to a specific bank account.

5- Proper housing should be provided for the worker.

6- The housemaid must be given a daily rest time of no less than nine hours.

7- The employer should appear in person – or by someone else on behalf – before the committee on the dates it specifies to consider in case there’s a claim submitted against him.

8- The employer shouldn’t rent the housemaid’s service to others, or allow him to work for himself at others.

The employer must also write a contract with the housemaid, which includes 5 points:

1 – The type of work the housemaid should perform.

2 – The salary that the employer is obligated to pay the worker.

3 – The rights and duties of both parties.

4- If there’s a probationary period, it should be mentioned, and shouldn’t exceed 90 days.

5 – The duration of the contract and how to extend it.

What are the new professions for which the Saudi Ministry of Human Resources recently allowed recruitment?

The Saudi Ministry of Human Resources has officially released 10 new professions that can be admitted to meet the needs of Saudi families:

  1. Personal care worker
  2. A house guard
  3. Private teacher
  4. Meal serving worker
  5. Speech pathologist
  6. Male personal assistant
  7. Housekeeper
  8. Coffee server
  9. Gardner 
  10. Female personal assistant
Important tips for successful hiring
  • The Saudi family must ensure that the information provided by the admission office is correct and that the necessary conditions are met by the worker.
  • The Saudi family must ensure providing the worker with the salary, and social and medical benefits required by the Ministry.
  • The Saudi family must contract with a registered office and ensure its credibility and reputation.
  • The Saudi family must deal with the housemaid with humanity and respect, provide the best possible conditions for work and living, and protect the housemaid’s rights.

There are penalties for legal violations of housemaid rights, whether intentionally or unintentionally. Therefore, it is always preferable to have someone act on your behalf, take the risk of the entire hiring process, and turn it into a convenient and safe one.

For your convenience, Raha offers you a range of flexible and permanent packages for hiring housemaids, easier procedures, and less risk. Raha also preserves your rights in case the worker escapes and allows a replacement in case the worker doesn’t adapt to duties or refrains from working. Download the Raha app here, and choose your convenience.


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