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3 Live Experiences About Hiring a Housemaid

When you’re confused, there’s nothing more effective than true stories that can inspire you. If you’re about to hire a live-in housemaid, and you’re still uncertain about your decision, here are some experiences and true stories that will help guide you through your choice, and tell you more pros you can only find in a live-in housemaid.

The first experience is about a live-in housemaid called Noi

“We have a live-in housemaid named (Noi), who has been with us for more than 20 years. We hired her when I was working 7 days a week, morning and sometimes also evening, my husband’s work was (and still is) out of town. We could not take care of household chores or even stay at home for a long time.

Noi took responsibility 99% of the time, she knew what to do and how to do it. Our house is clean, which is amazing given the weather and the number of kids. Noi knew where everything was, from my husband’s tools to car parts to the kids’ socks in colors. She can store groceries just like a Japanese expert, and when we help with cleaning, she is our best advisor.

She’s family, and now we talk about everything since I started staying home longer. Is it worth the cost? Definitely. Without her, we would live in a chaotic, and stress-filled home.”

A live-in housemaid is the best choice for working moms

A working mom often consumes most of her effort and time at work, yet, taking care of the house, cleaning, and tidying are like a full-time job themselves. Therefore, if you are a working mom, or you’re busy with your studies, then hiring a housemaid will be the best choice. She’ll perform all the household tasks, and take care of your kids, and this shall be her job.

Add another advantage that you can only find in a live-in housemaid, that she might accompany you while you go shopping, while you’re on the move, and while you’re on a trip if necessary.

The 2nd experience is about a live-in housemaid called Sari

“My mom’s helper, Sari, cooks the same way my mom did, she reminds me of her. Sari is now accompanying my older sister after my mom passed. She has been working with us for 20 years. She has saved enough money out of her salary for retirement, she’ll buy a piece of land and build a house. She told us that as soon as my sister’s younger son gets married, she will return to her country for retirement. I’m happy that she can retire in good condition; it’s sad that she’ll leave, yet, it’s her future.”.

The longer her contract is, the better the housemaid understands your household’s needs, your children’s needs, and the way you like everything to be

Although there’s an option to fix your choice for the hourly housemaid on the Raha app, the same worker might not be available every time. When you receive a new worker, you will probably spend a while directing her about your priorities for tidying and cleaning, which room to start with, and things that should be cleaned carefully, such as breakable items and expensive ones.

But things are different when it comes to a live-in housemaid. A live-in housemaid often does everything you already directed her to do in the same manner and with the same priority. She knows what to clean first, what you wish her to clean deeply, and what valuable items you’d love her to clean carefully. The longer she works with you, the better she will be at her job, and the closer she will be to your satisfaction.

The third and last experience sheds more light on the cost of employing a live-in housemaid. An experience of business owners

“It takes about 9 hours a day to clean your house, make food, and take care of your children. If your time is worth 100 riyals per hour, and you take your time to do all tasks, that equals 900 riyals per day. But if you find a live-in housemaid to do them all for 5,000 riyals per month, for example, that’s reasonable enough.

People who hire housemaids do so because their time costs more than the cost of hiring a housemaid to do it; it is positive for your money as well as your time. Housemaids do it better and faster than I do, which is also an additional advantage, and its cost when they do it is much lower than the cost when I do it.”

Besides this experience, you can tell that the cost of hiring a live-in housemaid is less in the long run

The cost of hiring a housemaid by hour may seem less, and this is true, but only in the short term, if you have a small family, and you only need her for a limited time. But in the long run, if you have a large family and there’s a constant cleaning and tidying need for your family, it will be more cost-effective to hire a live-in housemaid instead of paying for consecutive periods.

How to choose a live-in housemaid on the Raha app?

Download the Raha app, choose Muqeema service, and then choose the worker’s country and years of experience you prefer. Remember to check the available CVs to make your choice even better. When you make up your mind about the housemaid of your choice, choose the contract duration, and payment method, then submit your request. Usually, you’ll receive the worker within a few days. Download the Raha app. Click here.

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