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Searching for a Personal Driver Service? Consider This!

To make it easier for you to find a good personal driver service, we’ve listed the main points you need to consider in your search and highlighted some necessary information that can help you avoid the frustration of going through bad experiences.

1- Check the rates of the personal driver company, and consider your unique needs

Check rates of the service provider and customer testimonials, yet keep the rates as one element of many other elements that you should consider. Many times you’ve seen low rates for a product that already adds a huge value for you, and many times you’ve checked very high rates for a product that added you nothing. Rates are based on personal experiences, so the service rate should be considered with limits.

Also, if you’re using the Raha app, check the personal driver rates as well. Raha provides you with a profile for each personal driver, in which you can check the driver’s CV, nationality, personal photo, years of experience, and rates.

2- Cost vs. service

Not only costs but how much do you pay vs. what do you pay for? You may find poor service at a high cost, and you may get good service at a fair cost.

Make sure you pay reasonable prices for the services you receive and, more importantly, the services you REALLY need. 

For example, it’s one of the driver’s responsibilities to make a daily check on the car. This is a main service with Raha, which serves your safety as well as the car’s in a way that extends its lifespan. A personal driver company may offer you services you really need but aren’t aware of.

3- Service description

You can consider the following points as a description of the personal driver’s main responsibilities:

  • Making the required checks on the car at the beginning of every day and/or before every long trip.
  • Welcoming the client at the beginning of their trip.
  • Loading and unloading clients’ luggage, as required.
  • Travel via the most efficient routes, unless otherwise directed.
  • Complying with road regulations at all times.
  • Engaging in conversation or playing audio, depending on the client’s preferences.
  • Ensuring that related licenses and registrations remain valid.

Service features added by Raha:

  • Handling the car wash.
  • Maintaining speed limits and safe driving.
  • Respect the Islamic religion, Saudi traditions, and culture, as well as the privacy of the household.
  • Maintenance of their place of residence.

4- Replacement 

If you wish to replace your driver, what are the procedures and the cost implications? Especially in the Arabian Gulf areas, where non-Arabian drivers come from different cultures, different backgrounds, and speak different languages. You should be fully aware of the procedures and costs associated with replacing your driver.  

5- Contract terms

  • Do you have to pay a deposit?
  • Can you change your address easily during the contract?
  • Who pays what whenever something goes wrong with the car?
  • Are there any penalties for contract cancellation?
  • How long does it take to receive your driver’s services?
  • How long does it take to replace the driver?

6- What else does the personal driver company cover?

  • Does the personal driver company manage the driver’s payroll?
  • Do they cover the driver’s insurance?
  • Do they make the right checks? Criminal record, physical condition, and mental health checks?

7- What varieties does a personal driver company offer you?

Some companies have strict standards for choosing their drivers, which may narrow down the possibilities for finding your preferences. So you may consider if that driver’s recruitment agency offers your preferences, whether it’s a driver’s religious background, languages spoken, nationalities, years of experience, or age.

They always say, Choose your companion before you hit the road. There’s much more to choosing your personal driver than just a professional service, and Raha always works on enhancing customers’ convenience. Download the Raha app now to enjoy your personal driver’s convenient service.

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