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How to Create a Schedule for Your Domestic Worker’s Visits

A helping hand, available by a few clicks from Raha app. She comes, and leaves only when your home is in better condition. In order to help her do her mission, you may make priorities from top to bottom, how much each task should take, so you can get the most out of her visit hours, and make her mission easy to complete.

And the best way to do so, is to create a schedule for domestic helper duties and responsibilities. Here are some tips for that: 
1- Make priorities

PrioritiesUrgentNot urgent
ImportantUrgent and importantNot urgent but important
Not importantUrgent but
not important
Not urgent nor important

2- Set the specific time needed for every task. You can do some tasks yourself to figure out how much time they take, and you may also watch the time a domestic worker takes for each mission, and after a couple of visits performing the same tasks, you’ll be able to know.

3- Make a basic cleaning checklist. Mopping the floors throughout the house.

Example of this basic cleaning checklist:

  • Make beds
  • Collect and wash laundry as needed
  • Wipe down the bathrooms.
  • Wash dishes and sanitize food preparation areas
  • Take out garbage and replace garbage bags

Doing that routine daily will make your house look clean and tidy for a longer time. This will make your domestic helper’s visit more effective. 

4- Schedule for hourly domestic helper duties and responsibilities

DayDomestic helper duties and responsibilities
SaturdayMaster bedroom (dust, drapes, windows & dehumidifiers).
Air purifier (inside/outside body, air quality sensor, & vacuum filters).
Dehumidifier (clean outside, filter & wash inside of water holder).
Laundry: sheets, pillowcases, comforter covers.
Floors: mop.
SundayKitchen (dust, windows, garbage cans, wash cleaning clothes).
Fridge tidying.
Vacuum throughout the house.
MondayDusting all surfaces and walls.
Cleaning the fridge.
Mopping the floors throughout the house.
TuesdayChildren’s room (dust, drapes, windows & dehumidifiers).
Vacuum throughout the house.
Wednesday Check the house (lights, hangers, doorknobs, drains, batteries in toys, appliances, etc.). And make repairs.
Check the kitchen daily used appliance (blender, microwave, sandwich maker, dishwasher, stove etc.). And make repairs.
ThursdayCleaning organizers, drawers, and cabinets.
Vacuum throughout the house.
FridayA rest day for that worker can be moved to any other day if she agrees,, or another worker from Raha app can occupy that day when necessary. 

A monthly schedule for domestic helper duties and responsibilities:

Month Duties and responsibilities 
1Washing, sanitizing, and drying the master bedroom’s carpets.
2Cleaning and sanitizing beds and seating in main bedrooms. 
3Washing, sanitizing, and drying the carpets in the living room, and the kids rooms.
4Cleaning and sanitizing the living room and reception seatings.
5Washing, drying and sanitizing all bed sheets, pillows covers, and cushions.
6Cleaning and sanitizing kitchen containers, shelves, and organizers. 
7Deep cleaning of surfaces and walls: clean smudges.
8Deep cleaning, sanitizing, and repairing portraits, vases, frames, antiques, and mirrors. 
9A special day for deep cleaning delicate pieces of cloth that need to be gentle-hand washed. Clean, sanitize, and hang back in cloth cabinets.
10Deep cleaning of all house entries and windows.

Add to this schedule or delete from it, depending on your house’s needs. Download a PDF copy., here.

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