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Finding the Right Fit: How to Choose Your Domestic Worker

In the past, people used to live a simple lifestyle. Families used to cook together and do laundry together. Today, and despite the evolution of smart home devices, families are living a very complicated lifestyle with multiple needs, and the need for domestic workers has become bigger.

How to choose a domestic helper:

First, you need to know the WHY before the HOW

The reason why you’re hiring a domestic worker comes before the how-to and leads you to many answers. For example, you might hire a domestic worker to free up your time for other tasks around the house, to assist you with the kids, or to look after elderly family members, or to keep your house looking tidy and clean, or to allow you to focus on starting your own business.

That can guide you regarding the budget, whether you need her to be a live-in domestic worker, or a by-hour one; the priorities you need a domestic worker for, and the qualities she has.

Second, there are essential things you need to know when hiring a domestic worker

1- The different cultures: 

It is common for domestic workers to come from other countries. Even if they have the same nationality as yours, they are likely to be from a region far away. You’ll need to spend some time understanding your domestic worker’s culture, attitude, and actions. Learn more about her to communicate better. If you’re using the Raha app, you’ll also be able to check the resumes of domestic workers to know more about the nationality, experience, and skills of each one.

2- The rights and duties:

Now, most of the Arabian Gulf countries, especially the Saudi Kingdom, have regulations for hiring domestic workers. Regulations outline the rights and duties of both sides, the relationship between employer and domestic worker, and fines for violators. 

In general, the rights of domestic workers are:

  1. Right to medical care.
  2. Right to privacy, and proper accommodation for the stay-in domestic worker.
  3. Right to end-of-service benefits when a domestic worker’s contract ends.
  4. Right to complain when their rights are violated or they face abuse or mistreatment. The government has created a number of channels to help domestic workers report violations.

3- The contract:

Signing a contract with your domestic worker that includes specific elements to mention domestic worker visits, outlining both parties’ rights and responsibilities.

Third, personal qualities that can help you choose a domestic worker:

1- Eastern, especially Asian nationalities are the most patient. So, if you need someone to care for your elderly or your young children, an Asian domestic worker is highly recommended.

2- Africans are physically stronger than other nationalities, faster, and more active. So, for duties that require more physical strength, and longer hours, it’s better to hire a domestic worker from Africa.

3- Friendly, emotional, and interactive are common qualities of Arabian domestic workers. A perfect fit for family gatherings and is able to cook Arabian meals for large groups.

4- Organize, come on time, leave on time, make priorities, and usually create a duty list. These are the most common qualities of Western domestic workers.

With these tips, you can create your own equation, set the priorities you need, and choose one of 3 ways to hire a domestic worker:

  • Self-recruitment: When searching for a domestic worker on your own, it is better to look for referrals from your neighbors, recommendations from friends and family members, or even from someone you know in your network.
  • Contact a domestic worker agent: A fair option to find a domestic worker based on your needs and situation; however, you have to pay the housekeeper directly and be responsible for her fully. You should also know that agent offices usually don’t share responsibility or accountability in this situation, they only deliver the worker, and you handle it all.
  • Make a contract with any reputable domestic worker service company that you pay to send in a reliable domestic worker. Just like Raha. Raha doesn’t only deliver a fit domestic worker to your door, with the least procedures, minimizing legal risks, but also trains them, qualifies them, equips them with the skills they need, and gives them a full idea of the duties, responsibilities, and general etiquette rules to follow at your house. Download the Raha app to streamline the process of hiring a domestic worker.

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