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5 Benefits: Why to Have a Domestic Worker

Cleaning is an essential human need, but when it comes to Arab countries, it can also be religious, and rooted in cultural beliefs. What you also may not know, is that cleaning can be responsible for having better relationships and keeping your family bonds, not only because your in-laws’ comments can be agonizing, but also because it boosts your mental health, increases your concentration, and lowers your anxiety; that’s what studies proved recently. 

And to make your mind tidy, let’s highlight the benefits of having a house helper. How necessary is it to have one? What difference can a house help make in your life? And why are the benefits for domestic workers in Saudi Arabia even greater?

1- Time for home duties to come to an end, and for a home to stay clean

You can usually hear households repeating: Home duties never end. And it’s true, it’s almost a full-time job that requires daily hours just to maintain a clean and tidy home at an acceptable level.

An individual may be able to clean one room each day, yet swallow the messy look in other rooms until their turn comes. This is the average ability for an individual to clean a home side by side with his/her own job, family time, extra time for children if there’s any, grocery shopping time, cooking and eating time, and self-care if there’s any time left. However having a domestic worker dedicated to this mission can get most of the house cleaned and organized daily, or at least every couple of days.

2- Saving your time

If spending more time at your job or your own business increases your profits, especially if you’re an influencer or a freelancer, that means your time equals money, and if spending two hours at your work gives you more money than the cost of hiring a house helper for these two hours, then hiring a house helper specialized in cleaning wins, saves you money, and gets the chores done with efficiency.

3- Lift part of your mental and physical burdens

Having a clean and organized home doesn’t only save you time from roaming around the mess, but it can also affect you mentally and financially. 

Shira Gill, organizing expert and author of Minimalista, thinks clutter goes even further than taking an emotional toll on your mind, indirectly affecting other areas of your life. She says clutter can additionally lead to relationship strains, along with financial stressors, which can include late fees on lost bills and overspending by buying duplicates. Clutter can also distract you from focusing on other priorities.

Gill says that a well-edited home can create “a whole cascade of mental health benefits,” which can include a sense of clarity and control, an improved quality of life, a boosted sense of confidence, an increase in productivity, and a more tranquil atmosphere.

4- A clean home may avoid your anxiety, depression, confusion, and tension

A study by Princeton University researchers discovered that clutter can make it difficult to focus on a particular task. 

Clutter and mess can create more stress and anxiety, but by cleaning, organizing, and reducing the clutter, people are able to take control of their environment and create a more relaxing environment that helps them focus better on the more pressing issues in their lives.

So, experts agree that a tidy and organized home can improve your mental health, improve your concentration, and reduce anxiety. 

5- Less need for expensive time-saver supplies 

Most of us have been infected by this fast-paced lifestyle that needs very expensive supplies to save time. When it comes to your home, instead of outsourcing cleaning services, you need to buy expensive home supplies, which cost an average of 1500 SAR for each, to help you clean faster, deeper, and more effectively, saving you time, while consuming your money and effort. 

A domestic worker saves you all that and uses the average home supplies to keep your home in its best, cleanest state.

Benefits of domestic workers in Saudi Arabia

The culture of house helpers in the Arabian Gulf dates back to the beginning of the oil era in 1973, when Saudi families became wealthier, and started to attract more domestic workers from different countries; first, they called for domestic workers from the Arabian countries, then from Asian countries, then from African countries.  

In the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, having a domestic worker was never a welfare matter. Due to Saudis’ cherished for large families and their extreme generosity in hospitality, the benefits of domestic workers in Saudi Arabia carry deeper values and persistent needs and play a core role in the theme of each Saudi family.

Raha is at your help, for your rest

Unlike expectations, living in the Middle East can be pretty heavy, with a load of daily tasks and loud voices all around. Think we’ve combined the hustle of the western modern lifestyle with the bustle of the Eastern crowded lifestyle, especially when it comes to the Arabian Gulf countries. There is an eager need for daily help from a specialized helper.

Trained, skilled, experienced, a stay-in house helper, or a by-the-hour one. Raha gives you a variety of packages that meet your home’s needs and suit your budget. 

With more than a decade of experience providing domestic workers in the Saudi Arabian Kingdom, and other Gulf countries, Raha can provide you with the help you need, while guaranteeing your rights, keeping your legal situation safe, and protecting your privacy, your home, and your family members. Learn more about Raha’s stay-in packages for house helpers. Here


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