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Your Raha Guide: How to Choose Your Kids’ Nanny?

The job might seem simple, but it’s very crucial because our kids are involved. Posterior to what the Saudi Kingdom witnessed more than one unfortunate incident involving expatriate nannies against the children under their care, due to their harshness, or differences in culture and beliefs; It has become necessary to be careful when you’re choosing your kids’ nanny, conduct more than one job interview with her, double check her credibility and experience, and communicate with those who have previously worked for her to hear from them. 

Or, you can also take the short route and rely on a professional domestic labor service provider, such as Raha, to do the entire hiring process for you. And whatever you decide, here’s something to help you through:

A quick guide to choosing a nanny:

First, long experience doesn’t necessarily make the nanny qualified

It is common for a home personal assistant to work in this profession only to earn a living, or have a fixed salary. Therefore, the nanny’s years of experience don’t always indicate her qualifications. Yet, years of experience are only a single indicator among many to choose your nanny from.

Second, set your priorities regarding personal qualities in your nanny

What do you need from a nanny’s personal assistant?

  • If you have a newborn, for example, you’ll need a nanny with experience in newborn care, and that’ll be a priority. 
  • Or maybe your priority is to have a nanny who’s studied Psychology, or The Science of Behavior Analysis and Modification or holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood Education.
  • Or maybe your priority is a nanny experienced with autism and special needs.
  • Or maybe your priority is a household personal assistant to help you with household chores along with caring for your children.
  • Or a live-in home personal assistant who’s not restricted by regular working hours.
  • Or a nanny who will accompany you on your trips, take your children out daily, and travel with your family many times a year.
  • Or a nanny from Eastern countries to help you raise your children in a values-based manner.

What traits are important to you?

  • Academic specialization.
  • A safety certificate such as first aid and CPR.
  • Maybe a bilingual nanny is important for you.

Based on your priorities, determine the characteristics, qualifications, certificates, and experience of a nanny personal assistant you need. As you write this list, be sure to keep some flexibility in choosing nannies in conjunction with your priority list.

Third, double-check the following documents with your nanny 

  • A passport is valid for no less than six months from the nanny’s employment contract date.
  • An entry visa to the Saudi Kingdom.
  • A valid residence permit for no less than six months from the date of the contract. This is unless you undertake the residency procedures yourself.
  • The academic certificate, if you require a specific academic certificate she holds.

What are the main responsibilities of a nanny’s personal assistant?

A nanny mainly takes care of newborns and children. This may include preparing baby bottles, feeding, changing diapers, taking children out for their activities, and reading them books at nap time. Nannies may also drive kids to school and/or bring them back home.

A nanny is also responsible for any clean-up related to children, such as tidying up toys or washing their dishes. May also handle some light housekeeping duties, helping kids with their homework or feeding pets, depending on your needs. However, it’s important to clarify the required tasks before hiring.

What are the duties of an employer under Saudi law when hiring a nanny’s personal assistant?

Because violations happen from both sides, the Saudi Domestic Workers Law laid specific commitments on employers when hiring a domestic worker, including:

  • Writing a contract, whether they are hourly or live-in nannies, the contract must mention monthly salary, daily and weekly rest hours, annual leave, responsibilities, and the date and period of the contract.
  • Ensuring that the live-in nanny is provided with an accommodation that provides her with sufficient privacy and comfort.
  • Covering annual leave expenses, paid sick days, and return home expenses when the contract ends.
  • Health and medical insurance coverage.
  • Paying the nanny’s monthly salary on time.
  • Create a bank account for her and an ATM card.
  • Daily working hours should not exceed 12 hours.
  • Rest hours per day must not be less than 8 hours.
  • A weekly day off for the nanny to rest is necessary.
How does Raha help you choose the right nanny for your children?

Raha takes care of the entire process, including completing the legal procedures and documents of each nanny. Also takes care of renewal, annual leave costs, and returning home country costs when the contract ends.

Raha also conducts the necessary job interviews with each nanny, verifying the academic qualifications, experience, and criminal record in the nanny’s home country. Performs physical and psychological checks on the nanny as well. Raha also manages the nanny’s medical and social insurance, bank account, ATM card, and payroll.

Moreover, Raha provides you with a responsible nanny that you can rely on for your children. All you have to do is download the Raha app, browse the CVs of the nannies available, choose your nanny, and confirm. And if your chosen nanny doesn’t fit her duties, Raha provides you with a replacement at no additional cost.

Download the Raha app here and request your kids’ nanny to reach your door within days.


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