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Find out What a Home Personal Assistant Does

You might have heard a lot about a personal assistant working for a company, but have you heard about a home personal assistant? For instance, you may think she’s also related to business, but, a home personal assistant, male or female, works at home, providing care for the elderly, children, and patients. Find out more about what a home or household personal assistant does.

First, there are 3 types of home personal assistants

It can vary from one country to another according to the personal needs of each society. But on the Raha app, for example, a home personal assistant has 3 types:

1- Elderly accompanying home personal assistant.

2- Child care home personal assistant.

3- Patient accompanying home personal assistant.

A home personal assistant can help in other situations, by clearing your requirements to Raha customer service. 

Duties of a home personal assistant

  • Assist with personal activities such as bathing, oral hygiene, preparing and consuming meals, dressing and undressing, and ambulation.
  • Help the patient room safely.
  • Report any changes in a patient’s physical condition, behavior, or appearance, and cooperate with the supervisor or case responsible for resolving them.
  • Help the patient with his routine, promote healthy lifestyle habits, and provide companionship.

What qualities make a good home personal assistant?

Timely and reliable

It’s crucial when it comes to our loved ones, especially if they’re patients, children, or elderly. A home personal assistant who arrives on time, doesn’t miss shifts, or is late to them, is responsible enough to make sure there’s a replacement for her when she can’t make it on time. These personal qualities can give your family peace of mind.

Considerate of time-sensitive patient needs

Managing medication, supervising physical exercises, and preparing meals consistently and on time. An ideal home-care assistant is comfortable adapting to a patient’s schedule. A personal assistant is also prepared to engage wisely with health care concerns and emergencies, such as falls.

Mindful and concerned for the patient’s well-being

Changes in health, sleep, mood, physical and cognitive abilities, daily routine, and appearance. It’s important for a home personal assistant to notice and detect any concerning changes or behaviors, communicate with the responsible healthcare providers, and inform them to take proper action.

Patient and considerate

Considering the patient, child, or elderly difficulties, mental disabilities, or physical mobility limitations to cognitive disabilities, show compassion, be patient enough, and support with actions, words, and attitude. No trait is more valuable in a home personal assistant than patience. A home-care assistant shall continue to show patience and compassion even in exhausting times.

Able to help with a variety of housekeeping needs

Personal assistants are trusted with a variety of important tasks. Rather than simply responding to requests, an ideal assistant addresses needs proactively. 

Home personal assistant Required skills and qualifications

A home personal assistant position doesn’t usually require graduation or even specific certificates, except that the PA will deal with specific medical conditions. That’s when some basic requirements become essential:

  • High school diploma or equivalent.
  • One or more years of experience as a caregiver.
  • Certification in first aid and CPR.
  • Ability to pass a background check.
  • Excellent judgment and proven discretion in handling confidential information.
  • Valid driver’s license.

Now, if you need a professional helping hand at home and not just a housekeeper, download the Raha app and ask for your home personal assistant now.


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