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On the Road with Your Personal Driver? Enhancing Safety Tips

We used to recognize Saudi Arabia as having one of the highest rates of motor vehicle accidents in the world. Sleepiness while driving contributes to 3% to > 30% of all road traffic accidents globally, which may involve a variety of sleep conditions but also may be caused by sleep deprivation.

It’s an alarming percentage that gives you a hint of the necessity of giving your full-time driver enough rest and making sure to give them time for timely planned stops on the road on long trips specifically. 

Putting your personal driver’s well-being as a priority is also for your own safety. A well-rested personal driver is key to improving safety.

Here are 5 tips to enhance safety with the personal driver:

1- A main duty for your personal driver is to check on the vehicle before any trip, short or long; a minimum once-a-day check. Inspect your vehicle’s tire pressure and tread, as well as oil and water levels. This will mean a minimal chance of having to make an unwanted, impromptu stop before reaching your destination. Making regular checks and ensuring the fuel tank is filled up more than enough to arrive at your finishing point will not only increase your road safety but will also help you avoid any unnecessary fines. Making daily checks is one of the main responsibilities of Raha’s personal drivers. Download the Raha app now.

2- Hire a personal driver who complies with driving standards, and legal rules, who’s also updated continuously and re-trained periodically. And if you have no time to handle the renewal of your personal driver, then rely on Raha in this regard.

3- If you have a full-time personal driver, make sure he receives enough rest before long road trips and has the right to make a stop during trips when he’s tired. Plan for particular locations where you should stop for a rest before you two hit the road. More than 20% of drivers feel a need to stop driving at least once due to sleepiness. It’s the driver’s personal responsibility to ensure he has enough rest when you receive an hourly chauffeur service, but when you hire a full-time driver, the responsibility is shared.

4- Equip your driver with technology that supports safety. Professional navigation, for instance, helps drivers bypass traffic jams and bad weather.

5- Plan your route in advance. Taking a few minutes to scout out an unfamiliar route before setting off can save you a lot of stress on the road.

Here’s how personal drivers on the Raha app can also enhance your convenience:

1- Choose the package that suits you from Raha’s full-time driver or hourly chauffeur service.

2- Have your favorite pick from multiple nationalities of qualified personal drivers on the Raha app.

3- Driver’s license renewal is completely covered by Raha.

4- Choose how to pay from the multiple ways available on the Raha app, and choose a payment plan when needed (for one and two-year contracts).

5- Flexible contract duration, including monthly packages (3 months, 6 months, 1 year, and 2 years).

6- Our service continuity is guaranteed in all cases! You can replace the driver in case of their absence, incompetency, sickness or injury, or contract expiry.

7- No branch visits, no paperwork, just a few clicks are enough to renew the contract seamlessly within a few clicks on the Raha app.

8- Hire a personal driver who respects Saudi culture, Islamic traditions, community standards, and dress code and doesn’t divulge any information about you, your family, or your business. Download the Raha app.


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