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3 Problems Solved by Raha’s Personal Assistant

3 Problems Solved by Raha’s Personal Assistant

The need for home care services is increasing, in parallel with the increasing number of companies struggling to provide personal assistants for home care while facing a shortage of applicants worldwide. The reason why some families may look for a personal assistant illegally is to provide home care for their loved ones, and forcibly take the risk. What problems might you encounter in providing a personal assistant individually? And how can Raha resolve them for you? Let’s know more.

1- 1st problem: The financial agreement and legal responsibility

It is expected that you personally can’t estimate the financial compensation of a personal assistant accurately, to come up with a fair deal for both you and the assistant. Allocating a fair salary that fulfills the assistant’s rights and does not exceed your budget at the same time is a process that requires big corporations to calculate, taking into account the home assistant’s experience, qualifications, the places she/he worked, and the required working hours, etc. 

Also, consider the new updates in the Saudi labor law taking place every once in a while. It has recently been obligatory for employers to write a contract and document it on the “Musaned” platform. Additionally, the employee’s salary now must be transferred through the electronic wage protection system in the Kingdom. Thus, the responsibility has become greater for employers. 

Now every employer must subscribe to the relative service at his bank, then enter the “Musaned” portal, create/upload an electronic employment contract, set the worker’s monthly salary, document the contract on the site, and print a copy.

Raha relieves you of financial and legal burdens and saves you from risking your reputation and legal position. We create a bank account for each assistant and an ATM card, and we transfer the assistant’s salary fully and on time every month. Raha also takes care of the complete employment process, covers legal procedures and documents, from the assistant’s legal entry to the residence renewal, and continues until the assistant returns home by the end of her contract. Raha also allows you to contract for the personal assistant service with a few clicks on the Raha app. Choose the contract period that suits you, the easiest payment option for you; and the home nurse will arrive at your door within a few days. Download the Raha app now from here.

2- The language barrier and the ability to comply with Saudi community values and traditions

It’s not only in the Saudi Kingdom, but it’s a worldwide issue. Most of the personal assistants available are expatriates, and a lot of them come from Eastern Asia; their native tongue isn’t Arabic or English. There is difficulty in communicating and delivering sufficient data about the patient/elderly. Language can be the biggest barrier to face when you personally hire a personal assistant for home care.

Add to this, that many East Asian people have beliefs that are far from those in the Middle East, which can cause a large behavioral gap between the Saudi community and expatriates. It’s a problem indeed when expatriate personal assistants are not open to the values of Saudi society, not taking into account the moral and religious standards of the Arabian community.

A personal assistant enters your home and interacts with you and your family members on a daily basis. Therefore, Raha ensures educating personal assistants to respect the religious and moral standards of the Saudi community and to keep the privacy of every client and every member of the house. We also verify personal assistants’ linguistic fluency in English, Arabic, or both. You can choose a personal assistant who speaks the language you prefer on the Raha app. Raha also guarantees your right to replace the personal assistant, if she/he doesn’t comply with the duties required.

3- Lack of available qualified home care personal assistants

  • Not only Saudi Arabia, but the whole world suffers from a shortage of home care providers. Therefore, some companies may waive some of the necessary qualifications, or give up conducting the necessary investigations into personal assistants in terms of criminal records, experience, and skills.

For this reason, Raha performs the necessary checks on personal assistants, in terms of criminal records, and examines their qualifications, and the mental and psychological competency of each one.

Three problems and more that you may encounter on your journey to find a personal assistant. Raha saved you all and collected fine professional personal assistants to take care of your loved ones.

How do I get a personal assistant?

You can get one or more personal assistants now from Raha, just download the app, choose the assistant’s language and nationality, whether you prefer a female or a male, check the available CVs, then choose the contract period and payment option, and submit your request. Raha also allows easy payment plans for contracts over one year. Request your personal assistant immediately. Download the Raha app now.

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